Ace Environmental  offers complete mold testing and mold removal services in the Vancouver. Here are few frequently asked questions on Mold Testing & Removal.


A: Though the only way to be sure is to have a mold testing or air quality testing done, here are several warning signs that you may have mold in your home:

  1. Headaches regularly
  2. Congestion or a runny nose
  3. A contagious cold that won’t go away
  4. Coughing or sneezing regularly
  5. A scratchy throat
  6. Unknown cause of a skin rash
  7. Other breathing problems

Q: Where could mold be lurking in the home?

A: Almost everywhere. Attics and crawl spaces, under sinks, and other areas with known water damage are common locations. In this Huffington Post piece on mold in the house, we discuss more areas of possible concern.

Q: How long does a mold testing take?

A: This will be determined by the size of the structure. A mold testing of a typical-sized home will typically take two to three hours.

Q: What’s involved in a mold testing?

A: Mold will be investigated in all home regions, including the attic, crawl space, all rooms, the exterior of a house, and the roof. Any places that show signs of previous damage, water staining, or strange odors are given special care.

Q: What will an air sample detect?

A: Air samples gather spores and reveal the types and quantities of mold present at the time of sampling. Most significantly, air sampling (testing) can reveal whether or not mold contamination is apparent.

Q: How long do lab results take?

A: The lab typically returns results in around five business days. If findings are required sooner, the lab does offer expedited service for a cost.

Q: What’s the wait time to get a mold inspection done?

A: Depending on our current demand, we can provide service anywhere from the same day to a week.

Q:  Can I stay in my house while the mold is being removed?

A: Yes, most of the time. Mold growth is particularly common in attics and crawls spaces, which can be remedied without interfering with your daily activities. Assume that the remediated spaces are your dwelling areas. In that scenario, you might need to abandon certain regions for a while.

Q: What needs to happen if there is mold in my attic?

A: This is determined by the severity of the mold. When mold is discovered on your sheeting, which is expected, it must be eradicated and encased. If the mold eats the sheeting to the point of rot, the sheeting must be replaced. All attic insulation will also need to be replaced. It gathers mold spores and will later re-contaminate the home. Whatever caused the mold to form in the first place must be addressed as well. This could include installing additional roof vents, insulating ducts, repairing a leaky roof, and so on. Using an antimicrobial coating in attics and crawl spaces assures that mold will not return to those surfaces for an extended period of time.

Q: Do you conduct your mold analyses?

A: No, that would be a conflict of interest. We send all mold samples to a qualified lab for analysis.

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