Expert Commercial Testing and Removal Services for a Healthier Workspace

At Ace Environmental Services Ltd., we recognize the significance of maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for businesses. Our suite of testing and removal services is tailored to identify and address potential hazards, ensuring the well-being of your employees and the longevity of your commercial space. Explore our range of services below:

Comprehensive Lead, Air Quality, and VOC Testing Solutions

  • 1. Asbestos Testing

    Rigorous testing to identify the presence of asbestos in commercial buildings, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

  • 3. Hazmat Surveying

    Comprehensive surveying to identify and manage hazardous materials, promoting a secure working environment.

  • 5. Air Quality Testing

    Holistic testing to evaluate and maintain optimal air quality in commercial buildings.

  • 7. VOC Testing

    Detection of volatile organic compounds to enhance air quality and reduce potential health risks for occupants.

  • 9. Carbon Dioxide Testing

    Monitoring and testing for optimal carbon dioxide levels to ensure a healthy indoor atmosphere for employees.

2. Mold Testing

Thorough assessment and testing for mold to safeguard your commercial property and protect the health of occupants.

4. Lead Testing

Accurate lead testing services to detect and address potential lead exposure in commercial spaces.

6. Indoor Air Quality Testing

Specialized testing to analyze and improve indoor air quality, creating a healthier workplace.

8. Carbon Monoxide Testing

Professional testing to identify and address carbon monoxide issues in commercial buildings.

10. Formaldehyde Testing

Thorough testing to identify and mitigate the presence of formaldehyde in commercial spaces.


Removal Services

1. Asbestos Removal

Safe and efficient removal of asbestos materials to comply with safety regulations and protect occupants.

2. Mold Removal

Comprehensive mold remediation to eliminate mold and prevent its recurrence in commercial properties.

3. Lead Removal

Effective removal of lead materials to create a safer working environment and comply with safety standards.


Why Choose Us?

Expertise: Our team of professionals possesses extensive experience in handling diverse testing and removal services for commercial properties.

Regulatory Compliance: We ensure that our services adhere to industry regulations and standards, providing a safe and compliant environment for your business.

Occupant Well-being: We prioritize the health and well-being of occupants, creating a workplace that fosters productivity and a positive atmosphere.

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