Asbestos Drywall Removal: Expert Services for a Safer Living Space

If Asbestos has been detected in your drywall, it is important not to disturb the material due to the risk of the asbestos fibres becoming airborne and presenting a health risk by those who inhale the disturbed fibres.

Our professionals will arrive on site and follow WorksafeBC protocol to minimize and eliminate the risk of contamination or spread of the hazardous material during removal. During our process we create something called an Exposure Control Plan which is created to comply with Safe Work Procedures mandated by WorksafeBC. Our teams are properly certified for the removal and transportation of hazardous asbestos material.

Why Choose Professional Asbestos Drywall Removal for Your Home

Our control plan typically includes, but is not limited, to the following:

Containment and control of asbestos operations.

Location, type, friability (how easily it crumbles), and condition of ACM in the workplace.

Controlling of the release of asbestos fibres.

The engineering controls, work practices, hygiene practices, and facilities necessary to control the exposure of a worker to asbestos.

Providing workers with task-specific work instructions that address both the hazards and the necessary controls.

Providing, using and maintaining appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing.

The methods and procedures needed to monitor the concentration of airborne asbestos and the exposure of a worker.

The methods needed to decontaminate workers clothes, etc.

The removal and clean up of asbestos waste and related material

Safety is always our number one concern and is always at the centre of our policies.

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