Asbestos Removal now Requires WorkSafeBC Licensing Mandate Accreditation for Companies

As of January 1, new safety regulations for asbestos abatement on buildings take effect in British Columbia.

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Recognizing the Gravity of Exposure

Ash Kalia, the managing director of ACE Environmental Services, a company specializing in asbestos testing and removal, views the new regulations as a positive step.


According to Kalia, the rules are crucial because many individuals entering the industry lack a full understanding of the seriousness of asbestos exposure. He emphasized that symptoms may only manifest 10 to 20 years after initial exposure, making it challenging to convey the gravity of the situation.

Kalia of ACE Environmental Services stressed the importance of adhering to proper safety procedures during the routine handling of asbestos-laden materials, as failure to do so transforms the task into a high-risk activity.

"Prioritizing the control and reduction of exposure from any source is the ultimate goal," he stressed.

While the newly implemented regulations mandate training for those involved in asbestos abatement related to buildings, certification is not a requirement for individuals performing asbestos abatement in shipbuilding, underground work, or outdoor activities involving vessels, tanks, or asbestos cement piping.

WorkSafeBC reports that more than 2,000 workers have completed the certification courses, and this number is anticipated to rise in the first few weeks of January as individuals conclude last-minute training sessions.

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