If you suspect your old home or business may have  asbestoslead paint, or mold lurking about its walls,

Ace Environmental Services Ltd. provides hazmat surveys in Vancouver and surrounding areas of the Lower Mainland to identify ALL hazardous materials that may be present in a structure. These materials will need to be removed before any renovation or demolition work may occur on the premises. You should never remove hazardous materials yourself – professionals possess special training and equipment to do it safely and effectively.

If your structure was built prior to 1990, a hazmat survey is actually required prior to any work because harmful materials such as asbestos and lead paint were commonly used in construction prior to that date. Although it’s far less common, hazardous materials may have been used in your building’s construction even after 1990. Hazmat surveys are required to keep both construction workers and building occupants safe from exposure to hazardous materials. Exposure to asbestos, lead, or mold can lead to serious health risks for individuals.


In accordance with WorkSafe BC and other municipal regulations, we provide professional testing and removal services for various contaminants on properties, including asbestos, lead, mold, and other harmful hazardous substances and materials, including mercury, PCBs, rodent/bird droppings, and even radioactive materials. When you call Ace Environmental Services Ltd., we’ll come in and collect samples for laboratory analysis to identify which types of hazardous materials are present on your property (if any) and then gather a hazmat survey report detailing the results of our findings. If you have any hazardous materials present, we can then go in and remove them for you. If you’re only renovating one specific area of your building, a hazmat survey can be customized to only include the area(s) that could potentially be disturbed by your project and not the entire structure itself.


When you require a hazmat survey in Vancouver, turn to the experts at Ace Environmental Services Ltd. We provide hazmat surveys and hazardous material abatement services at competitive rates. The cost of your hazmat survey will depend upon several key factors, including the size and age of your building, what sort of timeline you have in mind for the completion of your project, and whether or not there have been any past renovations. Contact us today to obtain a free quote on our testing and removal services. We’re fully bonded and insured to service both residential and commercial projects. Whether you’re a homeowner planning a renovation or a contractor working on a scheduled demolition project, we’re here to help ensure your safety and that of others from hazardous materials. Put our years of experience to work for you; call today and obtain peace of mind.

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