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Reliable and Efficient Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

Reliable and Efficient Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

Reliable and Efficient Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

Asbestos is a hazardous material that can cause devastating long-term health effects. Unfortunately, older structures often contain significant amounts of asbestos and the risks to occupants is substantial. Thus, professional asbestos removal is absolutely vital in protecting both people and property. So, what can individuals expect when utilizing asbestos testing and removal services?

More importantly, why is it essential to hire a professional asbestos testing and removal company?

Numerous Types of Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

Of course, there is no such concept as “one size fits all” when it comes to safe and effective asbestos removal. We are qualified consultants and technicians, that are trained to fulfil the most unique requirements of asbestos abatement projects.  Our organization provides ethical and efficient solutions for residential, commercial and industrial asbestos abatement projects. We use the most advanced controls and cutting edge technology available within the market today. Our experts are skilled and equipped to perform the most critical jobs. Through the adaptive ability to meet the targeted needs of our customers. We confidently complete the most challenging tasks while meeting the most sensitive time frames without sacrificing quality control and regulatory compliance.

Why Use a Professional Service?

Asbestos removal is an extremely dangerous task. The main issue is that once the fibrous material is disturbed, it can release micro fibre particles into the air. These fine asbestos fibres can unknowingly be inhaled by unprotected persons and become trapped deep within their lungs. This can ultimately result in scarring, plural plaques, acute respiratory distress and chronic illnesses such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and even cancer. It is vital that only trained professionals are entrusted to remove and handle asbestos materials. Asbestos removal is an extremely sensitive task that should only be conducted by trained and knowledgeable technicians, utilizing the most advanced engineering controls.

Why you should not hire Inexperience Contractors

Hiring inexperienced or poorly trained contractors, or conducting improper asbestos removal activities can increase the likelihood of exposure to harmful asbestos fibres. This can be detrimental to the health of our family, friends and loved ones. For this very reason, there are stricter regulatory requirements being introduced worldwide. Whether you are an employer, a contractor or a home owner the liability aspect of handling, removing or controlling hazardous materials is at an all-time high. Failure to appropriately handle asbestos and other hazardous materials can lead to stiff penalties, fines, compliance orders, and even law suits.

These are some of the primary reasons why asbestos removal in Vancouver should only be carried out by most trusted professionals within the industry.

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