Indoor air quality testing is very important to keep your loved ones safe in times of global crises. Firstly, we test the air in your home to ensure that it is safe for you and your family. But how do you know that the air you breathe indoors is safe? Because any number of harmful chemicals and pollutants could be invisibly polluting your home environment. However, these can come from many sources, from paints, synthetic furnishings, and home appliances. Therefore, poor indoor air quality at home can provoke allergies such as asthma – this is a particular concern where young children are around.

The World Health Organisation recently confirmed that chemicals found in everyday household items may cause breast cancer, asthma and infertility. Phthalates and biphenyl were singled major offenders, however these are 2 potentially harmful chemicals that contaminate your home’s indoor air quality. Ace Environmental’s indoor air quality testing services can determine if you are at risk.

Our Team of Expert will come to your home and test the indoor air quality using the latest technology. Ace Environmental home indoor air quality tests are extremely cost effective. We offer the best value home air quality testing service in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland.  We are one stop solution for air quality testing, analysis and remediation products to ensure safe and healthy indoor air quality. You can book your indoor air quality test here.

Home indoor air quality testing services detect the wide range of possible air quality factors in the home. Includes temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and airborne particulates. Indoor air quality surveys include your personal indoor air quality report, which you will receive within 7 days of your survey.

You can book your indoor air quality test here.

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