Choosing a Lab for Asbestos Testing in Vancouver : What Should a Laboratory Do For You?

What is the level of safety in your workplace? Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, safety is of the utmost significance. It’s even possible that your industry has its own set of workplace health and safety regulations. But what about the safety threats that you can’t see, such as environmental hazards hiding in and around the workplace? Of course, we’re talking about ACM or asbestos-containing material. Because of its former widespread use as a building material, asbestos will be resting in older structures and installations. According to current WHS regulations, firms must take necessary procedures to identify any possible dangers linked with asbestos-containing materials.

Why Ace Ace Environmental Services

Our skilled staff of asbestos assessors at Ace Environmental Services is well-positioned to assist your company in identifying potential dangers on the job site. Our well-equipped asbestos testing laboratory enables us to pursue identifications, including the presence of asbestos and the exact type and class (e.g., Class A friable or Class B non-friable) of fibers. We can finish testing within one working day — or even faster if necessary — because we recognize that time is of the essence when dealing with potential ACM and the need to build a mitigation plan. How can you know if you’ll require our asbestos testing laboratory’s services?

A Reliable Asbestos Testing Option in Vancouver

​One of the difficulties in determining what to submit for testing is the vast range of places asbestos can show in an older structure. If you haven’t already done so, a comprehensive asbestos site survey and register can help speed the process by identifying areas of concern. Among the older materials that typically include some asbestos are:

  • Vinyl sheet flooring and vinyl flooring tiles in specific styles
  • Insulating material, particularly for use around pipelines and hoses
  • Electrical insulation, wiring covers, and switchboard backings that are no longer in use
  • External cladding, including imitation brick and various forms sheeting on walls
  • Old roofs

​Sampling of some of these materials are easier than others, which can be more difficult. While just a small portion is require for identification, be cautious that simply gathering a sample can be dangerous. If you dosen’t have the required protective equipment, please contact Ace Environmental Services to prepare a safe collection.

​Maintain On-Site Safety for Yourself and Your Employees

​Knowing is half the battle in the fight against asbestos and the dangers it can cause. Our team is always here to help you in gaining that knowledge and, if necessary, in making strategies for how you will deal with ACM mitigation in the future. Contact Ace Environmental Services right now to learn more or arrange for sample submission.

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