Why Test the Air Quality of Your Vancouver Home or Business?

Are you a fan of Edwardian, West Coast Modernist, or craftsman-style architecture? Vancouver’s older buildings are full of character and history – but many of these older buildings may have been built with materials containing asbestos and pose a risk of asbestosis and cancer. Even newer buildings may have been built using products containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that have serious impact on air quality. Ace Environmental Services has performed air quality testing in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for more than a decade, and what we’ve discovered is that many people are unaware of the health risks in their properties, such as:


Everyone knows about the dangers of asbestos – but few people know that asbestos can be found not only in insulation, but in all sorts of pre-1992 construction materials, such as drywall, siding, and floor tiles. Asbestos that is enclosed and tightly bound may not pose a risk, but any materials that are broken, rotting or out in the open may release toxic asbestos fibres into your indoor environment. Only professional asbestos testing can tell you if you are at risk of asbestos exposure and only professional asbestos abatement can make your property safe. We strongly encourage the owners of older buildings to call us for asbestos testing in Vancouver.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a by-product of incomplete combustion. Gas fires, water heaters, boilers, central heating systems and wood stoves are common causes of carbon monoxide in your environment. Since carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless. You may not be aware of the presence of carbon monoxide except through physical symptoms such as prolonged headaches, fatigue, dizziness, difficulty breathing, nausea, mental confusion and loss of consciousness. Carbon monoxide can be fatal if you’re exposed to it for too long. Air quality testing is the first step to protecting yourself and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.


Colourless and odourless like carbon monoxide, radon is a gas formed by the radioactive decay of naturally occurring uranium in the soil and water. Some parts of Vancouver and the surrounding area have been identified as having an elevated or high risk of radon hazard. Why is radon considered a hazard? It’s radioactive and it is responsible for more than 3,000 cancer deaths a year. The government of Canada estimates that close to 10% of all Canadian homes have harmful concentrations of radon. The easiest and quickest way to test for radon in Vancouver is to call Ace Environmental Services. We can give you more reliable results, faster than a DIY kit. We can also show you what needs to be done, from sealing cracks to improving ventilation to lower your radon risk.

Did you know that volatile organic compounds, found in common materials such as paint, varnish and adhesives contain chemicals that lead to headaches, vomiting, and even brain damage? Like asbestos, VOCs are often hidden in the materials around us and we may be unaware of their risks until symptoms appear. Air testing is the only way to detect these dangerous compounds before they cause harm.

Canadians often think that the Lower Mainland has the best weather in Canada. But our mild temperatures and frequent rain are attractive, not just to snowbound Manitobans, but also to molds. Damp foundations, crawl spaces, basements, roofs and attics are all susceptible to mold growth. If you or a family member has asthma or if you are experiencing allergic symptoms such as itchy skin, sneezing, coughing and sore, watery eyes, you should have your home tested for mold. Since mold often grows out of sight, it can be difficult to spot without professional testing.

All these contaminants have two things in common: they are difficult to detect and they are dangerous. If you’re moving into a new home or office, or if you suspect that air quality in your property is beginning to affect you, call Ace Environmental Services. We perform asbestos testing and air quality testing and offer professional mold removal and asbestos removal in Vancouver. Call us today!

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