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Asbestos Removal: Why It's Critical to Hire a Professional

Though we are now aware of its negative health effects, asbestos was once a popular building material due to its structural, insulating, and fire retardant properties. Today, homes and buildings that were constructed before 1990 might require professional asbestos removal in Vancouver prior to renovations or remodeling work. At Ace Environmental Services Ltd. we caution against home and business owners attempting to remove asbestos on their own due to the potentially serious health risks of inhaling asbestos fibers.

The Health Risks of Asbestos Exposure 

Asbestos-containing materials don't pose a health risk when they are left isolated and undisturbed. It is when they are released into the air and inhaled into the lungs that they can cause serious conditions such as asbestosis. Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease that is accompanied by symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath.

Asbestos exposure can also lead to lung cancer, as well as to a type of cancer known as mesothelioma, which affects the lining of the chest, the lungs, and the internal organs. Even mild exposure to asbestos can result in laryngitis, decreased immune system function, and noncancerous abnormalities on the chest cavity.

Asbestos Removal is Not a DIY Job

Because of the risks associated with asbestos exposure, you should have your home or business tested if you suspect that asbestos may have been used in its construction. Don't start on any renovations, remodels, demolitions, or additions before you know the results. If the tests reveal the presence of asbestos in your building, then you need to hire professionals to remove it. Professionals who perform asbestos removal in Vancouver are highly trained in the safe handling of dangerous materials. You have many opportunities to try DIY projects, but asbestos removal is not one of them.

Another reason why it is not advisable to attempt asbestos removal on your own is that most home and business owners are not familiar with all of the places where asbestos could be hiding. This means that not only will you likely fail to remove all the asbestos, but you may end up accidentally disturbing it as well. Asbestos is most commonly found in insulation, but it can also be found underneath roofing tiles, in bathroom fixtures, in the paint, and in popcorn ceilings.

Professional Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

For the sake of your health and the health of the occupants of your home or building, don't attempt asbestos removal on your own. If you're home or building was constructed before 1990, then make sure you call for asbestos testing from Ace Environmental Services Ltd. before starting any renovations. If we do find asbestos in your building, then we can provide you with quick and efficient asbestos removal in Vancouver as well.

Ace Environmental Services Ltd. is proud to help home and business owners throughout the Lower Mainland create a safer and healthier environment for their families and employees. If you need asbestos testing or removal in Vancouver, don't hesitate to contact us today.
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