Asbestos abatement in Vancouver British Columbia

Asbestos Abatement vs. Remediation: Which Strategy is Right for You?

Asbestos abatement and remediation are strategies for reducing the risk posed by asbestos-containing materials in a home or business. At Ace Environmental Services Ltd., we provide both asbestos abatement and remediation in Vancouver. The terms "abatement" and "remediation" are very often used interchangeably in regards to asbestos to mean "removal." If you'd like to better understand how the asbestos removal process works, then it can help to take a look at the slightly different approaches proposed by these two strategies.

What is Asbestos Abatement? 

"Abatement" refers to the process of mitigating the risk of asbestos fibres being released into the air and creating a dangerous health risk for the building's inhabitants. While this often means removing the asbestos-containing material from the building entirely, it could also mean encasing or encapsulating the materials in a way that effectively seals the asbestos off from the other areas of the building. This is known as managing asbestos-containing materials "in-place," and it can be an effective asbestos abatement strategy in Vancouver.

What is Asbestos Remediation?
Asbestos remediation can be thought of as a type of abatement. In the environmental industry, "remediation" means addressing the underlying cause of the hazardous material to reduce the chances that it will pose a risk again in the future. For example, mold remediation means removing the mold and takings steps to prevent it from reaching excessive levels again. The only way to completely remediate and solve the problem of asbestos is to have it removed.

Which Strategy Should I Choose?
Whether you choose abatement or remediation will depend on where the asbestos is located and how likely it is to be disturbed. A professional asbestos removal company will be able to recommend the best option for your property.

Sometimes, the better option is simply to encapsulate the asbestos and make sure the fibres cannot be disturbed. In certain situations, this may be an even safer strategy than attempting to get to difficult-to-reach asbestos-containing material and risking contamination.

In cases where asbestos-containing material is accessible and visibly flaking or otherwise falling apart, it must be completely removed. You should also always choose complete asbestos remediation in Vancouver if any construction is going to be carried out on your home or business. This is because construction and renovations can easily cause damage to asbestos-containing materials and release asbestos fibres into the air. Before construction begins, you should contact a company that offers asbestos testing to determine if asbestos is present, and where.

Professional Asbestos Abatement and Remediation in Vancouver

Whether asbestos abatement or remediation is better for you, you can trust Ace Environmental Services Ltd. to get the job done right. We offer complete asbestos abatement services in Vancouver, New Westminster, and throughout the Lower Mainland. Our experienced and certified technicians will help you decide on the best course of action for making your home or business safe from asbestos.

To receive your free quote for asbestos abatement or remediation for your Vancouver home or business, just contact Ace Environmental Services Ltd. today.
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